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At Playa Laiya Beach Club, we make things convenient, comfortable and enjoyable from the reception all the way to a full day resort experience.

Welcome Center

Beautiful beginnings start with warm and hospitable reception. Get acquainted with the exciting offerings of Playa Laiya Beach Club at the Welcome Center.

The Sands Restaurant

The resort experience can only be fully enjoyed with satisfying dining in the mix. Sample your favorite tasty dishes and incredibly sumptuous meals at The Sands

Pool Pavilion

Relax and enjoy the view of the mountains and the sea at the majestic Pool Pavilion. Converge at Playa Laiya Beach Club’s architectural prowess for a much more rewarding experience.

Infinity Pool

Nothing beats the feeling of freely wading into the waters and rising from it with the breathtaking view of the ocean to greet you. Savor the 360-degree view of Playa Laiya Beach Club’s enchanting beauty.

Kiddie Pool

Let the little ones enjoy swimming safely. Have a worry-free fun under the sun that’s both available for the kids and the kids at heart.

Picnic Tables

Enjoying the beach and the pool isn’t just all about the waters, have a great time with loved ones at the picnic tables and create moments of togetherness.

Beach and Pool Cabanas

Playa Laiya Beach Club offers an es

• Big Cabana (accommodates 15 – 20 pax)
• Pool Cabana and Beach Front Cabana (accommodates 6 -10 pax)
• Pool Pavilion (accommodates 20 - 30 pax)
• Marketing Pavilion (accommodates up to 100 pax)

Escape from the heat, a comfortable shade, and a convenient space for a quick break from swimming and active resort experience with the beach and pool cabanas. Here are the variety of choices that fits your need: